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Welcome to Admissions & Records

We are here to help and encourage you during this difficult time and transition. Please feel free to call us at 760-245-4271 x2272 or email at admissions@vvc.edu with any questions.



Summer 2020 semester is currently in progress.

  • Original on-line classes are being held as scheduled.

  • Formerly face-to-face classes have been converted into remote/distance learning modality effective March 30th.

  • Please log into Cavnas to find your classes. https://canvas.vvc.edu/

Students should check their VVC email regularly for updated information.


To Help you Adjust to this new way of learning, several important Registration dates have been extended:

Students are encouraged to attempt their class(es) on-line with the help of their instructor, academic support services, and counseling.

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Resources & Information



Apply for Admission

The Admissions and Records Office is where students start and finish their educational journey at Victor Valley College. Whether you are preparing for transfer to a four-year college or university, seeking an Associate degree or certificate, taking classes to improve skills or explore a new career, we are pleased that you have chosen VVC. The staff is committed to ensuring that all of our students receive the support and assistance necessary to be successful from the application and registration process all the way through graduation or certificate completion. We hope you enjoy your journey!



Applying for Graduation

We are currently accepting graduation applications as follows:

  • Summer (August) 2020 until June 15, 2020
  • Fall (December) 2020 until August 17, 2020
  • Spring (June) 2021 until March 1, 2021

Please complete the application for graduation and submit it to Admissions & Records by email admissions@vvc.edu or mail: Victor Valley College, 18422 Bear Valley Road, Victorville, CA 92395.




Summer and Fall 2020


     Monday, May 11 through the Sunday before each semester begins

  • Member of the Armed Forces (must provide copy of orders to Admissions and Records)
  • Military Veterans (must provide copy of DD214 to Admissions and Records)
  • Homeless Youth/ Foster Youth/ Former Foster Youth
  • EOPS students / ACCESS students
  • CalWORKS Students       


     Wednesday, May 13 through the Sunday before each semester begins

  • 2A  Students with 45-90 units completed at VVC and students with more than 90.0 units completed at VVC with an approved petition

     Friday, May 15 through the Sunday before each semester begins

  • 2B  Spouses of Disabled Veterans; ASB Council Members, Work Study Students, Active Phi Theta Kappa Members, Student Athletes, Qualified 2019 K-16 Bridge High School graduates (Fall semester only), Trio/UB Cohort, Active PACE Students and First Year Student Equity Cohort Groups



Diplomas for Fall 2019 graduates are in and will be mailed upon request. Please contact us at 760-245-4271 x2272 or email admissions@vvc.edu

PRIORITY REGISTRATION – BLOCK 3 (Continuing Students=currently enrolled at VVC)

     Monday, May 18 through the Sunday before each semester begins

  • 3A           Students with 30-44.5 units completed at VVC….    

     Wednesday, May 20 through the Sunday before each semester begins

  • 3B           Students with 15 – 29.5 units completed at VVC.    

     Friday, May 22 through the Sunday before each semester begins 

  • 3C           Students with 0 – 14.5 units completed at VVC…... 

REGISTRATION - BLOCK 4  (New/Returning/Inter-College Transfer Students)

     Tuesday, May 26 through the Sunday before each semester begins

  • New-fully matriculated student = first time attending any college and must have completed orientation,
  • assessment and developed education plan
  • Returning student = attended VVC in previous semesters but not currently enrolled
  • Inter-College transfer student = completed courses at other colleges or universities

REGISTRATION – BLOCK 5 (Concurrently enrolled K-12 Students)

     Wednesday, May 27 through the Sunday before each semester begins

  • Students who have submitted an online VVC application, concurrent enrollment form, and completed Assessment/Orientation/Advisement

REGISTRATION – BLOCK 6 (Open Registration)

     Friday, May 29 through Sunday before each semester begins

  • Students not fully matriculated (has not completed orientation, assessment or developed education plan)
  • Students not in good standing (e.g., academic and/or progress probation for two consecutive semesters)
  • Students with more than ninety (90) degree-applicable units earned at VVC



What Type of Student Are You?

Click on a section below to expand and view its contents.

You are a new student if you have never attended Victor Valley College. Complete the Steps to Enrollment for New Students

Attention Recent High School Graduates - If you have taken courses at Victor Valley College while in high school (concurrent enrollment) and have since graduated, you are considered a new student and must complete an application for admission.

You are a returning student if you previously completed credit course work at Victor Valley College and are returning after a lapse of time of at least one or more primary semesters (Fall or Spring).

  • Refer to Steps 1-6 of the Steps to Enrollment.
  • Assessment test results are valid for three years and orientation is valid for one year.

You are a transfer student if you have completed credit course work at a community college or university other than Victor Valley College.

Send your official transcripts from all previously attended colleges to:

Victor Valley College
Admissions and Records
18422 Bear Valley Rd
Victorville, CA 92395

  • Complete appropriate steps from the Steps to Enrollment.
  • Prerequisites completed at another college must be approved by a counselor or the Admissions and Records Office. An official or unofficial transcript is required for this purpose. Refer to the Prerequisite Equivalency/Challenge form.

You are a continuing student if you are enrolled in college-credit classes in the current primary semester (Fall or Spring).

NOTE: If you have recently graduated from Victor Valley College with a degree or certificate, and you plan to continue taking classes at VVC, you must change your Academic Program by completing a Student Update Form and submit it to the Admissions and Records office in Bldg. 52.

You are a Dual Enrollment student if you are still attending high school and wish to take degree applicable credit course work at Victor Valley College. Refer to the Criteria for Dual Enrollment Students.



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