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VVC Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard

This site represents Victor Valley College's assessment of its organizational performance on established goals--also known as the VVC Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard. This compilation of qualitative and quantitative performance measures are used to gauge District progress on board-established goals set forth in Board Policy 1200. These measures are offered as a starting point for campus-wide dialogue about our overall effectiveness and the opportunities for improvement that exist.  In this way, actionable responses can be developed to make such improvements across all campus operations.

This framework of locally developed performance indicators encompasses the CCCCO's Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI), as well as the Institution Set Standards (ISS) required by our accreditor, ACCJC. VVC's 5-year IEPI performance, as well as 1-year and 6-year goals on IEPI indicators are available online @ the CCCCO website here.

Each link below opens a matrix summarizing VVC's performance on each district goal and associated strategic goal. A full report summarizing all IEPI performance targets and related key strategies is available here.


Student Success Scorecard - Annual Presentation to Board of Trustees


Last Updated 10/29/19